New logo identity

When Magnus Accounting Solutions contacted N-K, they were in the early stages of their start-up and needed a new logo identity.  The company had a name but no marketing materials. Magnus specializes in small- business accounting with temporary/flexible services. 

What did they need for their new company?  We identified the following and provided a creative…


Keeping old things

Recently, I was compelled to recover some very old files from our DAT (Digital Audio Tape) drive (Third Wave Technology), we hadn’t used in several years. We kept this relic for retrieving archived projects. It’s connected to an ancient Power Computing tower through a big fat SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) cable. (Now, we use…


Starting fresh

Liz Moloney’s proofs of her book cover and interiors produced by a local printer evidenced poor selection of typeface, color and design. The typography had no kerning. Indeed, nothing was right except for her carefully wrought manuscript, Elizabeth, Learning to Dress Myself from the Inside Out. With Liz’s approval of my estimate, I started fresh.…