A medley of memoirs

Many people want to tell their stories. I recently designed a medley of memoirs. Self-publishing and printing are excellent ways to accomplish this and reach the perfect readers. The following memoirs were written by first-time authors whom I guided through the design and book-production process. What design elements are generally used for the cover of…


digital publishing

Advice for a first-time author

I recently designed a memoir for Bonnie, a first-time author who originally printed only enough copies of her book for her family and friends. Now, she wants to publish it and make it available to the public.  If you are a first-time author who is ready to publish your book, you have many publishing options,…


The Little Brown Book

The little brown book was the final touch and “show stopper” to a project that started in August 2021.  My client, Jan, showed me an existing pocket-sized prayer book, The Rule of the Secular Order. The cover was laminated on a red-paper stock with gold-foil stamping. Jan had an upcoming conference in August 2022 and hoped…