Tools, Resources, and Services for Authors

Book-marketing podcasts are valuable sources to learn about current tools, resources, and services for authors and self-publishers. What follows are descriptions of some that may be worth checking out. Please note: N-K Creative does not endorse these services; neither my clients nor I have used them. I recommend that you do your homework before you…


25 invaluable tips for authors

Here are 25 invaluable tips for authors who work closely with editors and book designers to produce exceptional books. It is vital to have the right creative team and to understand and implement the following guidelines: 1.    Understand what editors and designers do. If you don’t know, ask them. 2.    Read a good book on…


Marty and Doc

Back to the future

It was Back to the Future when I found this list of ideas from 2004 on an old CD while I was looking for something else. Remember when Marty McFly travels back to 1955? Well, this blog post isn’t a flux capacitor, but the advice still holds true ten-plus years later. I bet you’re familiar…


Book Designer

What do authors want to know?

What do authors want to know? At the 2015 St. Louis Publishers Association (SLPA) Vendor’s Showcase, I found out. The room was packed, and authors had many questions. Those who stopped by my table asked … Q: What do you do? (Authors often ask me this question. I guess it’s an icebreaker.)A: I design books.…


Ebook Cover Design Gold Star

Book award

 Good news—I won a book award this week: Hi Timothy, Just letting you know that your submission, There and Back Again: A Decade of Travel Tales, has received a gold star in’s June’s e-Book Cover Design Awards. Please accept our congratulations!  I’ve attached a badge that you might want to display on your website…