Marty and Doc

Back to the future

It was Back to the Future when I found this list of ideas from 2004 on an old CD while I was looking for something else. Remember when Marty McFly travels back to 1955? Well, this blog post isn’t a flux capacitor, but the advice still holds true ten-plus years later. I bet you’re familiar…


Book Designer

What do authors want to know?

What do authors want to know? At the 2015 St. Louis Publishers Association (SLPA) Vendor’s Showcase, I found out. The room was packed, and authors had many questions. Those who stopped by my table asked … Q: What do you do? (Authors often ask me this question. I guess it’s an icebreaker.)A: I design books.…


Ebook Cover Design Gold Star

Book award

 Good news—I won a book award this week: Hi Timothy, Just letting you know that your submission, There and Back Again: A Decade of Travel Tales, has received a gold star in’s June’s e-Book Cover Design Awards. Please accept our congratulations!  I’ve attached a badge that you might want to display on your website…


A 1958 design book stands the test of time

Looking back at a 1958 design book, 27 Chicago, I noticed some timeless design messages that still apply today. First, what was 27 Chicago? it was a series of self-promotional books that predated current “source books,” such as The 1958 spiral-bound book highlighted 27 Chicago designers, illustrators, and typographers. Art directors and art buyers…


Hatching an ad series

Brand Challenge: Hatching an Ad Series Motivated by it excellent personal service, the Berg-Salus Wealth Management Group decided to distinguish its wealth advisor group from the larger financial institution of which it was a part. Because “people buy from people whom they know and trust,” investors were not choosing the larger brand when they were…