After years of work on my manuscript, I was fortunate to have met Peggy Nehmen, graphic designer with N-K Creative in St. Louis, Missouri. With enthusiasm, she approached the task, enlarging and enhancing my initial design for the book. The layout of the front cover resulted from her internalizing the book’s theme, from darkness into light. Using the pastel sketch of a yellow straw hat with bachelor buttons and poppies I had provided, she superimposed it upon a torn gray background opening out onto a field of sky-blue; upon it, the clean-looking font used for the title and the author’s name. She also incorporated deft touches in the book’s interior that enhanced the text and afforded readers a riveting experience.
In addition to Peggy’s skills as a graphic designer, her computer savvy introduced me to several print-on-demand publishers, then guided me through the set-up with CreateSpace. When my next book is ready, I will certainly call upon Peggy. In the meantime, I continue informing my readers of her expertise.